Satan Taks A Holiday am 26.09.2017

Satan Taks A Holiday

With a mix of rock’n’roll, garage rock from the 60’s and grooves from the 70’s Satan Takes A Holiday is considered as one of the best live bands in Sweden. The band are currently working on their forth full length album “Aliens” that will be released through Despotz Records February 24th.

“Aliens is essentially an album that deals with alienation, anxiety and powerlessness – feeling out of place in contemporary culture, in social contexts as well as in oneself. To be standing in the center of the present only to be asking oneself: ’how the hell did this happen!?’ ” //Satan Takes A Holiday

Sonically and lyrically, the album is steeped in frustration and anger. Songs like the opener Good Cop Bad Cop, the single The Beat, the manic coming-undone-story of Ladder To Climb and the somewhat awkward Queen Mother all – in their own way – deal with inner and outer demons, to suffocate or let loose, to struggle or to cave, to fight or to give in. In songs like Iron PipeWrinklay and Born At Night the band turns outward and comments – by way of their peculiar blend of humor and sincerity – topics ranging from right wing populism to filter bubbles and tunnel vision. In Get You GirlMore Is MoreLove Me Like I Love Me, and the cover Why Don’t We Do It In the Road? new and old fans of the band gets their fair share of STAH’s vintage mix of cockiness, self-deprecation and sarcasm.

Aliens is the band’s most complex, introspective and dynamic album to date. It is a quintessential Satan Takes A Holiday album with added tension and nerve – as always delivered with truly unstoppable and immediate energy.

About Satan Takes A Holiday
Like a bat shot out of hell. A kick in the gut when youʼre already down. Addictive, straightforward, tough, ironic and dead serious. All at once. SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY grabs the listener by the neck and does not let go until you shake your butt to the point of beverage spill.

Satan Takes A Holiday became the talk of the town when they released their self-titled debut album late 2009. A week later they were nominated in the Best Rock category at the swedish P3 Guld Awards, and the singles “Missy” and “Heartbreaker”were played regularly on the radio.

Their second album ”Who Do You Voodoo” was released March 2012 in Sweden, preceded by the single ”Karma Babe” (voted into the national radio station’s ”Hall of Fame” by the listeners). Two more singles off ”Who Do You Voodoo” were picked up by Swedish radio.

In November 2014 ”Animal Man Woman” – Satan Takes A Holiday’s third full length album – was released. Recorded and produced by Stefan Brändström (HENRY FIAT’S OPEN SOREHOLOGRAMS) in The Dustward Studio, it features guest performances by Vanja Renberg (THE VANJAS) and Rudolf de Borst (THE DATSUNSIMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC).

The band are regulars at festivals, as well as having been on stints with MUSTASCH and JULIETTE LEWIS, an extensive European tour with Nicke Andersson’s IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC and before returning to the studio to record album number three they supported KISS at Sweden’s new national arena in front of an audience of 30 000 people.

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